New Jersey Retaliation / Whistleblowing Attorney

There are both federal and state laws that protect employees against retaliation for reporting illegal or fraudulent activities in the workplace or whistleblowing. The New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act or “CEPA” protects employees who object to, refuse to participate in, or disclose an activity, policy or practice of the employer that is unlawful, fraudulent or in violation of a clear mandate of public policy.

Claims for retaliation under CEPA are governed by strict time limitations that are shorter than the time limitations for other types of legal claims and require that a legal claim or lawsuit be filed within one (1) year of the date of the retaliatory action.

These claims are particularly complex and involve many legal technicalities that require careful attention in order to properly establish a successful claim. Public or governmental employees, who are subjected to retaliation for objecting to, disclosing or refusing to participate in an illegal activity, may have the basis for a claim for violation of their civil rights under state and federal law as well as the New Jersey or federal Constitutions.

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