New Jersey Unemployment Compensation Appeal to Superior Court of New Jersey - Appellate Division

After the decision of the Board of Review is issued, the parties have one final opportunity to appeal any adverse decision to the New Jersey Superior Court. This appeal involves filing a Notice of Appeal in the form required by the court. After receipt of the Notice of Appeal, the court will issue a briefing schedule establishing the timeframes for each side to submit their legal briefs or memorandum to the court. These legal papers must comply with strict rules set forth within the New Jersey Rules of Court regarding the content or format of such papers including their length, type of font, color, and presentation of evidence and legal arguments. The brief must be accompanied by an Appendix that is prepared in accordance with the Rules and contains the documents and other information related to the appeal. In addition, any testimony for prior proceedings must be referenced by obtaining a transcript of t prior appeal decision. It may be important to seek the advice of a New Jersey Unemployment Compensation attorney or lawyer with respect to an appeal filed with the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division.