Employer Counseling and Defense

New Jersey Employer Counseling and Defense Attorney

The Law Offices of Gregory S. Schaer, LLC provides employer counseling and defense to both small and large employers who find themselves faced with a labor and employment issue. Employers who take action to address such issues before they become a problem through employment policies, procedures, handbooks, manuals and training can often avoid legal exposure and liability.

When an employer becomes aware of an issue or problem in the workplace, it is critical for the employer to know what to do and what not to do in order to minimize their liability and exposure. Other times, there are actions that an employer can take before taking action, such as terminating an employee, which can avoid a lengthy and costly legal battle.

The Law Offices of Gregory S. Schaer, LLC offers and provides a unique perspective providing counseling and representation to employers based upon extensive experience and knowledge of both sides of the legal issues effecting employers and employees.

While there are many Firms that provide legal defense and representation to employers, there are few Firms that have the benefit of having seen and handled cases for both sides, something that can be particularly beneficial in objectively evaluating and responding to a legal claim and situation.

To speak with an experienced New Jersey Employment Law Attorney, contact the Law Offices of Gregory S. Schaer, LLC, conveniently located in Monmouth County, New Jersey.