ADA / Disability / ADA

New Jersey Disability / Handicap Discrimination Attorney

The Americans with Disabilities Act as well as the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination provide a wide range of protections for individuals suffering from disabilities and handicaps. These protections apply to individuals suffering from physical as well as mental or psychological disabilities or handicaps. These protections apply to employees and also require that workplaces as well as certain places of public accommodation be made accessible to individuals with disabilities or handicaps.

Handicap or disability discrimination can involve adverse action against an employee on account of their medical condition such as terminating an employee while they are out of work on disability or on a medical leave of absence or worker’s compensation due to a work related injury. These situations can also involve an employer taking disciplinary action against an employee as a result of actions that were caused by an underlying psychiatric or physical medical condition. In addition, employers are subject to liability for participating in and/or creating a hostile work environment or harassing an employer on account of their medical condition or disability.

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